Two dimensional transient stress analysis.

Life Analysis of Turbine Discs

Life assessment of a gas turbine disc is a multidiscipline project. Thermal structural analysis of the disc is the first phase and the basis of the life assessment. The distributions of disc stress and temperature are resulted from the engine aero-thermodynamics, blade-disc heat transfer and the disc elastic structure analyses.

Detailed analysis of these critical components provide operators with enough information to establish and optimize component life and inspection strategies.


 The steady state stress and temperature at the disc rim are calculated and used to calculate the creep and the creep crack growth life.

 Transient thermal structural analysis are performed and used to determine the low cycle fatigue life of the disc and the crack growth life in the critical areas of the component.

 The effects of temper embrittlement are examined and applied to the critical crack size and the crack growth life calculations.

 A reliability analysis of the disc life assessment is performed to assess the risk of the uncertainties of the life and critical crack size estimates.

 Recommendations for safe disc inspection and replacement intervals are provided.

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Three dimensional stress analysis.