Materials For Gas Turbines
Presented  By
Dr. Donald H. Boone  
Dr. Gerhard E. Fuchs 

This 4-Day course provides a basic level of knowledge of the metallurgy, manufacture, mechanical and surface behavior of these critical hot section alloys. Most importantly, the course provides strong coverage on coating protection and selection and on technologies vital to repair and refurbishment such as coating stripping and re-coating, welding, brazing, HIPing and re-heat treatment and property rejuvenation. Of particular importance is the information on component degradation, remaining life assessment and repair work scoping.

This course is intended to provide a base for the engineering, supervisory and purchasing decisions concerning equipment operation and component repair, refurbishment, refitting, and replacement when superalloys are involved.

SUPERALLOYS has been given both publicly and "in-house" to utilities, cogenerators / IPP’s, airlines, component manufacturers and various users and over haulers; the most recent course was attended by 35+ students. This course has been presented over 85 times, and has become the standard training course of the gas turbine industry.

Day 1   

08:00  Welcome & Introduction 

08:30  Superalloys in Turbine Design

09:30  Break                               

09:45  Superalloys for Gas Turbines 

10:30  What makes Superalloys Strong?

11:45  Processing of Superalloys

12:30  Lunch 

01:30  Processing of Superalloys

02:00  Principles of Nickel Base Alloys

03:00  Break

03:15  Principles of Cobalt Base Alloys

03:45  Principles of Ni-Fe Base Alloys

04:30  Metallurgy of the Casting Process

05:30  Close      


06:00  Cocktail Hour and Reception


Day 3   

08:00  Protective Coatings: Introduction

08:30  Aluminides– Diffusion, Modified and                      Vapour Phase  

09:30  Break

09:45  Aluminides (continued)

10:45  Overlay Coating Processing

11:30  Thermal Spray Coating Processing

12:30  Lunch 

01:30  Thermal Barrier Coatings

02:30  Break

02:45  Overlay Coating Compositions

03:30  Coating Mechanical Property


04:30  Close


Superalloys Course Outline

For more information contact the course instructors directly:

 Donald Boone            (925) 938-4780

 Gerhard Fuchs                        (352) 846-3317



Day 2

08:00  Metallurgy of the Casting Process

09:00  DS and SX Mono-crystal Castings

10:00  Break

10:15  Heat Treatment of Superalloys

11:00  What’s New, What’s Happening

12:00  The Stability of Superalloys

12:30  Lunch

01:30  Surface Attack; Oxidation

              and Hot Corrosion Principles

02:30  Alternative Materials

03:00  Break

03:15  TiAl-Based Alloys

04:00  Degradation of Coatings in Service

04:30  Close




Day 4

08:00  Coatings, Ranking and Selection

08:30  Repair & Rejuvenation:

             Introduction and Considerations

09:30  R&R Cleaning, Stripping

10:00  Break

10:15  NDI Techniques

11:15  Weld and Braze Repair Techniques;

             Recent Advances & Limitations

12:30  Lunch

01:30  Component R&R Summary

02:00  Component Life Assessment, Philosophy &

           Procedures Including Case Studies

03:30  Course Recap, Discussion

04:30 Close