Service Run TBC Coated First Stage Blades & Vanes

Metallurgical Analysis of  Blades & Vanes

· Repair and replacement of gas turbine hot section gas path parts (buckets & nozzles) are key cost drivers in the operation and maintenance schedule of a gas turbine engine.

· Metallurgical characterization of these critical components during major overhauls and hot gas path inspections help operators to establish and optimize component life and repair strategies.

· Evaluations of gas turbine hot section components by experienced Superalloy Metallurgists provide turbine users with data  on the specific conditions of their equipment and operating environment. Service degradation of coating and base metal mechanical properties are characterized to identify the causes.

· Recommendations for component reuse, repair, heat  treatment or replacement are made to assist the turbine user in optimizing operating and maintenance strategies.

· The recommended repair procedures are defined along with the optimum coating choices to assist the turbine user in optimizing refurbishment work scopes to minimize future scrap rates or to extend the unit overhaul interval.

· Advanced computer-based models used for heat transfer, stress and vibration analysis of stationary and rotating turbine components represent an important part of remaining life assessment. Data from these analysis are also used to define repair limits and as a troubleshooting tool for failure analysis. Recommended changes to component design, materials or operating conditions can  be evaluated before these are implemented.

TBC Coated First Stage Vane

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DSGTD111 Microstructure

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