Our key personnel each have many years experience in materials and mechanical engineering.  We have completed metallurgical and structural analysis on hundreds of sample parts from operating gas turbines. Our primary task is to assist gas turbine operators to improve the reliability of their operation in a cost effective manner. Click on the photographs or more details for additional information.

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Repair and replacement of gas turbine hot section gas path parts (buckets & nozzles) are key cost drivers in the operation and maintenance schedule of a gas turbine engine. Metallurgical characterization helps operators  establish and optimize component life and repair strategies.

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Metallurgical Analysis of  Blades & Vanes

BWD engineers prepare purchasing specifications that define the quality, process parameters, and the acceptance criteria required to repair hot section components. Supplier audits, source inspection and metallurgical qualifications further ensure that the repairs will perform reliably.

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Independent Repair Engineering

Computer models for heat transfer, stress and vibration analysis of stationary and rotating turbine components are an important part of life and repair investigations, troubleshooting and failure analysis. Changes to component design, materials and operating conditions can also be evaluated.

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Mechanical Analysis

The BWD failure analysis team is responsive, independent and employs rigorous investigation techniques. A multi-disciplinary approach involving both metallurgical and mechanical engineering analysis is used to determine the failure mechanisms and identify their root causes.

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Failure Analysis

Vendor Verification or source auditing / inspection by our experienced staff assure that the new and refurbished  equipment is manufacture to specification. Witness points include rotor balancing, evaluation of hot gas path components and examination of final QA document packages.

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QA/QC Services and Vendor Verification

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Life Analysis of Gas Turbine Discs

Expert Witness Services & Arbitration Support


BWD Turbines limited has extensive experience in investigating failures and providing independent expertise in a wide range of capacities. Our clients include loss adjusters, government organizations, owners, lawyers, insurers, operators and suppliers.


Areas of Expertise:

Gas Turbine Metallurgy

High Temperature Coatings

Gas Turbine Design

Failure Analysis

Turbine Component Repair


Individuals with direct gas turbine experience of 30 to 40 years are available to help.

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Arbitration Services

Gas turbine discs are subjected to high thermal and mechanical loads at moderate temperatures. Degradation modes include creep, low and high cycle fatigue and microstructural based aging and temper embrittlement that can reduce the fracture toughness of the material especially at low temperatures. A thermal structural analysis is performed and used to estimate crack initiation lives, while the principles of linear elastic fracture mechanics are applied to calculate the growth life of the crack and estimate the safe inspection and replacement intervals.

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