Bucket tip shroud stress plot

Mechanical Analysis

Advanced computer modeling methods are used to analyze problems with existing components and their operation. Proposed component design and material changes can then be evaluated before they are implemented.

Typical  Approach / Work Scope

· Dimensional inspection and reverse engineering of the component defines the solid model geometry for detailed analysis.

· Internal cooling flow measurements are used to calibrate the computer models.

· Perform Aero-thermodynamic mean line analysis of the engine for both design point and off design conditions.

· Define the component external and internal temperature and heat transfer boundary conditions.

· Experienced engineers create finite element models for heat transfer, stress and vibration analysis. Suitable material properties, constraints, thermal and mechanical loads are applied to the model.

·  The analysis is run and verified to ensure accurate and complete results. The results are evaluated and compared to the design guidelines and allowable values.

·  A report is provided documenting the analysis and recommending component replacement intervals or suitable corrective action based on the results.

· Software tools in use include CADKEY, COSMOS/M, CFDesign, SINDA/FLUINT, GasTurb, CPF, PCPANEL.

First Stage Blade

Airfoil Stress Plot

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